Sites that don't know what an email address is, you’re up

Yes, (that’s you, @PayLoadz), a site that makes its money by getting people to submit their email address for free downloads, doesn’t know what an email address looks like. Doesn’t sound like good business sense to me.

Samsung joins the ranks of the clueless

At least they fail consistently on different country sites :)

SFR Business Team

Yes, you, @SFRBusinessTeam; your site is amongst the clueless.

Oracle’s single sign-on registration page doesn’t know what an email address should look like. You would have thought that a company so technically capable would be able to do something as simple as validate an email address, but apparently not.

VPN HQ allows registration using an email address containing a +, and even sends you a verification email successfully, but then gives an error saying ‘invalid email address’ when you try to log in, indicating that they don’t have a single mechanism for validating email addresses.

O2 joins the illustrious ranks of sites that don’t know what an email address is. When registering for their forums (which have recently switched from user names to email addresses as identifiers) it accepts an address containing a +, but then dumps you on a misformatted error page saying “Sorry a problem occurred”, but giving no indication of why.